Our Team

Jarosław Jakubiuk – Chairman of the Board

Mail: foodtrading@foodtrading.com.pl

Jarosław Filipiuk – Member of the Board / Finance Director

Mail: jarek@foodtrading.com.pl

Justyna Błach-Kacprzak – Chief Accountant

Mail: justyna@foodtrading.com.pl

Sanislav Astafiev – Eastern Markets Director

fruit and vegetables
Skype: astafiev_s
Mail: stas@foodtrading.com.pl

Ewa Burska – Accountant

Skype: burska.ewa
Mail: ewa@foodtrading.com.pl

Olga Ivanova – Sales Manager

Mail: ola@foodtrading.com.pl

Tomasz Lila – Sales Manager

molasses and grain products
Mail: tomek@foodtrading.com.pl

Piotr Gensler – Sales Manager

molasses and grain products
Mail: piotr@foodtrading.com.pl

Andrzej Ostapczuk – Sales Manager

Mail: andrzej@foodtrading.com.pl

Martyna Wasiak – Sales Manager

owoce i warzywa
Mail: martyna@foodtrading.com.pl

Marcin Kuchta – Quality Controller

fruit and vegetables
Mail: marcin@foodtrading.com.pl

Joanna Markowicz – Export and Warehouse Inventory Specialist

fruits and vegetables
Mail: joanna@foodtrading.com.pl

Lidia Kot – Purchase Specialist

fruit and vegetables
Mail: dzial.zakupow@foodtrading.com.pl