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Meat Office

engaged in import and export of red and white meat (pork, beef and poultry) to European markets.


Molasses Office

is responsible for the delivery of beet molasses mainly from Belarus and Ukraine to Polish market.


Grains Office

expors sesame seeds, sunflower kernels, linseeds, poppy seeds, cocoa and other seeds and grains with the aim of suppling bakers and wholesalers.


Fruit and Vegetables Office

deals with the export of fresh fruit and vegetables from Poland and citrus fruit from around the world to Eastern market.


About Company

OOD Trading Company was founded in September 2003 with the participation of foreign capital. Our goal has been to create a reliable and stable brand in foreign trade of agricultural market.

The company's activity began with the export of meat. However, after several months we expanded the range of products on wheat, fodder, sugar and food concentrates, as well as the products of the construction industry.

Currently we are the leading exporter and importer of: red and white meat (beef, pork, poultry), fruit and vegetables (complete assortment from around the world), sugar and grain industry products (molasses, meal, grain) and biomass (wood pellets, biomass of agricultural origin).

We are the market for almost all European countries.

FOOD Trading long-term presence in the European agricultural markets has allowed us to become a trustworthy company and to join the most effective and the most stable of market leaders.



FOOD Trading is the largest Polish importer of molasses from Ukraine and Belarus.


Our dealers know grain trade market and its derivatives very well.


The company's operation began with the export of meat such as pork half-carcasses, beef quarters, and pork livestock.


In recent years apples have become one of the most important items in offer of Food Trading.